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Commercial VO Demo Package

First, we sit down for a coaching/evaluation.  We'll work through a number of pieces of commercial copy, guiding you on the cadence, focus and specificity of each read within your own unique range.  Then we hone down our choices, selecting the strongest spots for your reel.  (PLEASE NOTE: After the initial session, if we think you just might not be ready to record a demo yet, WE WILL BE STRAIGHT WITH YOU, and we can discuss further coaching or where you can take some really good classes.)


The recording session generally happens the following week. Both Jeff and Andrew will be there to coach you through the whole recording process and help you perfect your reads.  


We edit, add music and effects, and then make it sound like butter.  We will send you a first pass to approve or request any final order-changes or edits. Then we set you loose with a final copy of your shiny, new commercial voice-over demo reel in mp3 and wav formats.


One-on-One Coaching


Feel like you’re close, but not quite there? Or maybe you just need to get in a VO workout to brush up your skills? We also offer individual coaching by the hour. Whether you feel like you need help mastering that “conversational” commercial read, upping your audiobook game, perfecting your promos, or just want to work through a variety of material, we can help you improve your reads in multiple arenas of the voice acting universe.




Production and Engineering


Need a place to record an audition? Booked a gig and need a fully integrated, pro-audio studio to record you? In addition to our awesome demos and coaching, Apesauce Productions also offers full recording, engineering and post-production services.  Visit us at our studios in Brooklyn, NY or Fairfield, CT.  Or, if you have suitable gear at home already but need an engineer and post, we have full remote record capabilities as well.


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"Jeff and Andrew are consummate professionals. I trust their instincts and analysis of the actor's needs and abilities. It is rare these days to have someone care enough to take the time to teach VO technique and to create a really solid, great demo that doesn't sound like everyone else's."


~Linda Weaver, VO Agent - Access Talent

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