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"Jeff and Andrew are great to work with--extremely professional, talented and knowledgeable--and I couldn't be happier with the demo we produced.  I highly recommend Apesauce to anyone looking to record a voice over demo."

~Matthew Cohn

Andrew Totolos and Jeff Gurner have been voice-over actors for 25 years and counting, having recorded commercials for companies such as Lowe’s, Bank of America, Friskies, Volkswagen, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Google, Stride Gum, Dannon, John Hancock, Progressive Auto, UPS, Hill’s Science Diet, Mighty Dog, Castrol, Sears, Quiznos, McDonald’s, Burger King, Guinness, NBC, HBO, VH1, MTV, WB11, Nick, Nick Jr., USA Network and more. They also work frequently in video games, audiobooks, political advertising and narration. In addition to their voice-over careers, Jeff and Andrew are veteran actors with credits on and off Broadway, and in film, episodic television, TV hosting and on-camera commercials.


ApeSauce are the BEST VO DEMO PRODUCERS in the business!  If you have the education and the skills to make a run at the VO business, then you want to work with Jeff and Andrew.   They serve their clients with INTEGRITY.   Their recording sessions prove to be an invaluable EDUCATION.  And the completed product you walk away with will help illuminate your path to SUCCESS.  

Your VO demo should brand and showcase you in your best individual light.   Jeff and Andrew are masterful in their craft and honest and forthright with their clients.  ApeSauce is not a demo factory and they don’t take anyone for a ride.   If you want to succeed in voice-overs, you would be best served by working with ApeSauce!
-Roger Becker VO Syndicate, 

"Jeff and Andrew are professionalism meets ease- so fun to work with, totally honest, and very focused. I was really happy with how quickly I got the final cut! In short, Apesauce rocks my socks!"

- Hannah Del Monte

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